Sorry I’ve been MIA! We have had a crazy week…full of good and unfortunately bad.  But today I’m focusing on the good.

  We went on vacation for a few days…it was so nice. Funny thing is, when my husband told me we were gonna go, I thought he said June 20th.  You can imagine my surprise when he reminded me that we were leaving in just a week…Yikes!  Nevertheless, we had a great time.  I only have a few pictures…so I will post more later. But here’s a couple to look at. 
 He loved to swim! Loved the water….
 Did not like the ocean…when I would put his feet in the water and a wave came, he’d cling to me and cry.  After trying several times to get him used to it, I decided to just hold him and look at the never ending ocean. Within minutes, Elijah was asleep…so not like him to just fall asleep on me. But that little guy slept for nearly an hour on the beach. The soothing sound of the ocean could have put me to sleep as well.  This was his first trip to the beach…maybe the second time we’ll be able to get in the ocean a little more, with a little less crying.
Tomorrow I will have many more pictures to share. 

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