My #1 beauty must…


Ok so… There’s one thing about myself that I’ve failed to mention.

I am a licensed cosmetologist
That’s right I can officially cut hair, paint your nails, and give you a facial…as of 6 years ago that is. And I’ve never really used my knowledge or what little talent that I have.  I liked the job I had at the time and didn’t want to leave it to work in a salon. I was working with a youth ministry downtown.  We often had events for the girls and offered free makeovers, and had even bigger events for the entire city…there I actually cut hair…that was a huge but rewarding task.  I guess you could say most of my cosmetology career has been helping teens who can’t afford to have their hair done in a salon for prom or a special day, or moms who are busy being a mom, volunteering my services for church and ministry out reaches, and of course my family.
Over the years however, I have acquired a lot of information and tips.  One of which I am going to share with you today.
Everyone has their own style. Long hair, short hair, make-up, no make-up…but if there is one thing I could suggest that every woman does is (drum roll please)….
Wax the eyebrows! 
It’s a simple thing that often gets forgotten (I too am guilty of neglecting the brows).  I personally have a hard time shaping my brows…but once waxed I can keep them shaped with tweezers For quite some time.  Getting your brows waxed is easy…. It takes 10 min…and that’s if there’s a wait and $8-10.  8 bucks that’s all!  Often times you’ll notice make-up artist will wear minimal make-up but always have their eyebrows in shape.  It’s a simple and yet profound beauty must!  Believe me…you won’t regret it.
Talk to your hair or nail gal and I’m sure if they don’t wax they can recommend someone who can.
What are your beauty must?

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