Who doesn’t love a great bag?

Love, love, love these things!!! They are great for storage…our apartment lacks storage space so I actually keep my towels in the Large Utility Tote. 

 I use one for Elijah’s toys 
It even has his name on it just like his diaper bag.
(And yes, I did just take the picture in the car! Lol) 
You know those sweaters you find…you love them so much that you buy the same sweater but in 3 different colors?  That’s how i feel about these bags, utility totes, wallets, etc.  I have quite the collection of these items…but there’s so many different patterns that I love, I  want the same bag in every pattern!  The best thing about them is that you can have your name or a phrase monogrammed on it for only $7!  
Ok, ok, that’s all i’ll write about on this topic.  I just had to share. Their summer catalog just came out…you know what that means!!! Time to go shopping….check them out at mythirtyone.com/dawnlindsey  
Make sure you pick Dawn as your consultant.  She’s wonderful and I love her to death…and not just because she’s my momma 😉 

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