Long time no blog!

The worst possible thing happened…I don’t have Internet!!! (Ok it’s not the WORST thing, but It is a bloggers worst nightmare). Since the move we haven’t been able to get the Internet set up. I am blogging from my iPhone right now. It’s quite challenging.

While I’m here…lets get you caught up on juicing. It’s been going great. I’m actually really loving it. Anything with carrots and apples in it is my favorite…who knew I’d actually like my carrots! The best part…I fit into my pre-baby jeans!!! Yup..Wednesday I decided to try them on! Lets just say that made my week!!! If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is. I haven’t weighed myself yet…and quite honestly I’m a little nervous to. We have been so busy lately I haven’t done much cooking. Not only have we been eating out but it’s been a lot of…none other than…Mexican food. So not good! However, we were so blessed to be given a bunch of groceries this week. So now, hopefully we can get back on track. Cross your finger


Sorry for the mess in the background…still packing

My latest project…

imageNot the best DIY project but I’m  happy with how it turned out. Since I’m unable to upload pictures from my computer I took a snap shot on my phone…sorry it’s not the best picture. This was my father in-laws old mirror with a plain wood border. I wanted to fancy it up a bit…what do you think?


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