Hola de México

Hola de México!!! That’s right, I moved to Mexico…ok not exactly, but it feels that way.  My husband and i have been looking for a new place for quite sometime.  Our prayer was that we would have a peace about the new place and that it would be quick and painless.  It was quick alright…we visited the apartment on monday…an hour later we found ourselves signing papers and being handed a set of keys.  whaaa??? We were so shocked and overwhelmed as to how fast it had gone…Tuesday we moved everything in and today I only have a few things to unpack.  Now for the painless part…not so much. Wednesday morning my arms felt like jello from all the heavy lifting the previous day.  Other that noodle arms…its been pretty painless.  We are so thankful!!!

Why the Spanish you ask?  Well, in the south there are a lot of Spanish speaking individuals and since we live not to far from Mexico’s front door, spanish is very prominent in certain areas of the city…one of those areas being the one I just moved to.  Living in Mexico for 3 months was probably a good thing!
Any who…its been so long since I’ve written last! I can’t believe it…well actually I can…without looking back, I don’t even remember how many days I’ve been juicing. I do remember weighing myself Monday morning. I had lost 2lbs since I started juicing. Which I have continued doing despite all the chaos around here. However, since my scale is no longer in the weighing business I will have to go buy a new one 😦  I am only 6 pounds away from my pre-baby weight!!! So excited…however since my hips widened during those blissful 9 months, my clothes still don’t fit the same.
Well that’s all I have for today…
Adiós friends!

2 thoughts on “Hola de México

  1. Love your blog Jess! If your posting your n Mexico, I think we live close! lol Msg me and maybe we can get together soon

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