Day one…complete!

Day one has been a great start. I woke up, made a green juice that was full of kale, celery, romaine leaves, spinach, cucumber, lemon and an apple.  It wasn’t to bad considering i can’t stand to eat anything in that juice besides the apple and lemon.  I did cheat last night and try out my new juicer…I couldn’t help it! I made a simple juice with carrots, apples, ginger and a Lemon. It was delicious. The downside of today…I have had a massive headache all day long!!! I woke up with it. It’s one of those that any sudden move you make, the pounding is so hard you can hardly keep your eyes open.  Darn you coffee and tea…Its been 3 days of no coffee or tea…told you I was addicted.  I’d suggest breaking the addiction first then start juicing. Because having a massive headache while being hungry equals one unhappy momma.  

So…day one…complete! On to day two…then day three, which I hear is the toughest day.  I’m going to get a picture on here hopefully tomorrow.  I know before and after pictures are the best way to see results…so no matter how much I dislike full body photos, I’m going to do it! 


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